Fog Creek Software Office

We sometimes get requests for different offices emailed to us, and by far one of most requested offices was today’s feature: Fog Creek Software. Thanks to Patrik for sending the images our way!

Fog Creek is a software company that operates a bit differently than most companies, for one they really put a lot of time into designing their office space. It really makes sense in the long run to create a space that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also functional and useful to employees, allowing them to in turn be more productive and create a better product.

Developers spend time in their own private offices while designing such software as Copilot, Fogbugz, and CityDesk. Employees also enjoy eating lunch together every day in their large lunchroom, complete with a nicely stocked kitchen. You’ll also notice that each developer has a huge amount of screen real estate to work with. One of the best features in my mind are the bathrooms complete with showers for employees. Another feature you’d assume more offices would have, but don’t, is a library for employees stocked with trade-appropriate books. The 200-gallon fish tank is a nice feature too. Fog Creek is located in NYC.