Gensler Baltimore Office

  • Client Gensler,
  • Location Baltimore, Maryland, United States,
  • Industry Architecture Firm,
  • We’ve looked at architecture firm Gensler a couple times before, and we’re doing it again because all their offices are just so pretty. Remember their Chicago Office? That was a good one. And who could forget their lovely San Francisco Office? Well today we’re checking out their office in Baltimore, Maryland, and it’s pretty great, too.

    It’s a new office, which explains why it’s so darn shiny and clean. They a really awesome feature that we don’t see very often in other offices (probably because they are illiterate) and that is a library chock full of books. Instead of playing video games, these guys read! That is crazy. If I hired an architecture firm to build something for me, I’d pick the ones that read for fun, not the ones that spend their working hours playing Halo. For shame.