Nicolas Tye Architects | Long Barn Studio

Nicolas Tye Architects is an architecture firm based in Bedfordshire, United Kingdom that has designed many different types of projects for varying clientele. Some of their projects include schools, regenerated public spaces, retail spaces, office buildings, and homes. This award-winning company has created a gem with their office space that not only displays their capabilities, but gives their employees a wonderful place to work.

While the whole office is aesthetically pleasing, one of the more eye-catching features is the combination of light and dark interior colors with the natural light through the large, seamless glass panel windows. The main area of workstations provide employees with a panoramic view of their natural surroundings that not only provide peace, but offer inspiration.

Employees workstations are composed of long white tables outfitted with Mac computers.  Seating is comprised of the classic Herman Miller Aeron chair.  Each station includes a great storage unit, which can be and is often sacrificed in table-based setups. Clearly, employee efficiency was given equal priority to aesthetic appeal.

In addition to the wonderful design of the work areas, two other areas have been given equal care; the restroom and conference room. The restroom looks like the inside of a sauna, only without the sweaty men playing chess. The elegant tones of the walls looks superb against the whites of the floor, sink, and toilet. The steel fixtures only add to the elegance. The conference room, shown with Eames Aluminum Group Chairs, looks to be an oasis of creativity.

While not every business needs to be as designed and beautiful as The Long Barn Studio by Nicolas Tye Architects, it would seem wise for business owners to start looking into creating spaces where their employees are comfortable and free to create in an environment that is both easy-to-use and well thought out. Perhaps that means spending more to start, but if that creates a better environment, employees will respond with higher quality work.