SoundCloud Offices – Berlin

  • Client SoundCloud,
  • Location Berlin, Germany,
  • Industry Technology,
  • SoundCloud, a startup based in Berlin which allows you to share your music anywhere on the web, is the focus of our lens today.

    The kitchen area is very nice, the kitchen table is one of my favorite features. The wood floor which runs throughout is also visually pleasing. Employees seem to be grouped by department and have a good amount of desk space to work with.

    The company, which employs around 30 people has a wonderful office space with a fantastic view from their windows, and of course a great patio area that not many startups can boast. One of the greatest things of this space is that, it doesn’t look like a startup. Sure, the folding tables give that impression, but the actual office itself has excellent features that a company could easily grow up in.

    Photo credit: Wechsellook