The New Eventbrite Office

A few weeks back, I had the privilege of visiting the offices of Eventbrite, an event ticketing company based in San Francisco. Though they had recently moved into the office, everything was completed and I was able to freely move about.

The office itself is as wide open as it gets. Located in a huge warehouse space, painted white with orange accents to match the company logo, there were countless workstations. I am sure many other companies have as many employees, but it was an interesting contrast to a couple small architecture firms visited earlier in the week. One thing I noticed was that even though the space was so open, it didn’t seem like people were distracted and off-task. On the other hand, I felt like people were hard at work. Perhaps the space was large enough that people could have a conversation a distance away and people were not distracted. Oh, also the CEO and head admin all sit out on the floor as well.

With all that said, the office had a mixture of furniture solutions. Everything from Turnstone to IKEA to Fatboy were represented. The space had a number of conference spaces around the edges of the office, all named with big name events the company had ticketed. Lastly, one of my favorite features was the quiet meditation room that had dim lights and comfortable furniture for a quick snooze.

And apologies on my images, I’m slowly learning about interior photography! 🙂