MOO’s London Offices

  • Client MOO,
  • size 1 sqft
  • Year 1
  • Location London, England,
  • Industry Manufacturing,
  • If you’ve ever needed business cards, chances are that you got boring ones that make people yawn when they think of you.  If you want to fix that, get your cards created and printed with MOO.

    The company is nice enough to want to offer goods to Customers in Europe and therefore have an office in London.  This space is pretty typical of offices there days, with tables for workstations and everyone located on a large floorplan.  What makes Moo unique is that their office contains a printing station where cards are printed and packaged.  While the office isn’t an extravagant space with everything for free, Moo is profitable and makes killer looking cards.

    More photo’s available at Business Insider, Images by Dan Frommer.