Blind Offices

My wife and I just moved to Santa Barbara and one of the first things I did was find local architecture firms that had some interesting work to feature.  Shubin + Donaldson is one such company that designed the offices for Blind, a motion graphics company located in Santa Monica.

Here is a little excerpt from the architects:

“A playful yet sophisticated composition of materials, textures, and styles describes a dynamic architectural proxy for the inspired energy of this motion graphics firm. The conversion of a non-descript two level storage warehouse into a modern creative office space nurtures a dialogue between compliment and contrast, mixing historical ornament with simple/strong material expression and irreducible detail.

The entry sequence is initiated by the insertion of a warm Ipe wood-lined portico leading to a darkly rendered upper level lobby where lace patterned panels and molding coincide in juxtaposition to polished concrete and blackened steel plate.

These formal and material relationships characterize, stimulate, and foster the willful and innovative thought occurring within.”