Liveperson’s New Headquarters – Featuring Employee-Led Design

  • Client Liveperson,
  • Location New York City, New York, United States,
  • Industry Technology,
  • Liveperson‘s new NYC headquarters was recently designed using a unique employee-led design method pioneered by architecture firm Mapos. In designing the new office, Liveperson wished to include employees in the process as a way to motivate and excite them for the upcoming change.

    Mapos “created an interactive gaming experience that led to an entire company (bottom-up and top-down) to be excited about a project that would have caused irritation in other organizations over a change in the status quo.”

    A few tools that aided collaboration and interaction were:

    • Group floor-planning session
    • Project update blog
    • Employee feedback sessions

    The office itself has a few interesting features like an entrance directly into the heart of the office from the elevator. In order to improve interaction of employees, all segments of the office connect at the town square; an open seating and eating zone. Adjacent to the town square lies a conference room with glass that can be completely removed to allow for additional ‘all hands on deck’ size meeting space.

    Additionally, quiet rooms are spread throughout the space so employees can make calls in private or just get some work done (introverts, unite!).

    Check out the space and let us know your thoughts..