Full-time Blogging. Wow.

If you would have told me four years ago that I’d be writing this post, I’d most likely have said you were crazy. The thought didn’t even cross my mind. In fact, when I created the site, it was more of an afterthought based on wondering why something like this didn’t exist.

Well, here I am, writing with somewhere above 700 companies behind me. Crazy.

I decided to make the jump sometime before Christmas because I hated the temp job I was working. Which was as an Office Manager at a cremation sales office. Seriously.

Since then I’ve been able to lock down a couple freelance writing gigs that help supplement the advertising revenue the site brings in. I’m happy. My family is happy. And I hope you’re happy.

That said, I still want to push the site further. I thought I would take a little time to discuss a few areas of the site and what I hope develops. Comment freely.


This portion of the site is going to be here forever, though I am trying to figure out how to best organize all of the information. I enjoy writing about offices, and will continue to do so in a positive light. I hate sites that are negative.

With that said, I do try to curate content as best I can to represent what I feel readers want to see. I should probably do a better job explaining that in the submission process as I have probably upset more than one person over the years.

Products/Home Offices

If you’ve been around for a while, you’ll know that I seem to do things in waves. I post home offices for a while, then stop. Then post products for a while, and inevitably stop that too. I have no idea why, but I think it has to do with the fact that the site is segmented into different sites that I have to log into separately.

I’m going to try and roll in home offices and products gradually into the main site. And of course keep curating that as well. Look for a few posts a week about that stuff in the near future. With that said, if I stop posting it. Don’t hate me.

Other Content

It hasn’t been that long since I started writing other content, and judging from the statistics, readers have enjoyed the commentary on studies and research, interviews, and just general posts on office design.

Look for that to continue. Plus I’m working to get great guest authors, so if you know of anyone that has an interesting point of view, let me know.


I don’t know if there is a formula to getting comments, but if there is I must suck at it. I enjoy reading what everyone has to say, whether they be positive or negative. I feel like the more robust and thriving of a community we can make this place, the more companies will want to send their images to us.

And if you read on a feedreader, feel free to pop in every so often to say hello. Just instead of saying hello, add an insight about an office you’ve just seen.

And also, share/retweet the hell out of good posts. Sometimes I am astonished at which posts end up being popular.


As this is my job now, making money is a pretty important thing. We’ve got a number of advertisers as you’ve probably noticed, all of whom I appreciate dearly for helping make this site possible.

In my dream world, advertisers would want to advertise on Office Snapshots not just because they want to get X amount of return on the ad they buy, but rather that they value what this site is and want to help keep it running.

Furniture Design

This is something I’ve been eyeing to do for a while, but finally had the “A ha” moment of a product that doesn’t really exist yet in the furniture market. At least not in the way I envision it.

I’ve got a design going right now and am working with a carpenter to help me with material selection this week. Should be a fun project that I will definitely keep you all posted on once I get the first version built.

Thank You

I can’t end this without saying thank you to you the readers. Some of you have been around since the first time it was posted to Digg, which coincidentally crashed the site and forced me to switch hosts.

Thank you all so much, and I hope to continue as long as possible.