Kush by Schiavello – Plush Comfort Furniture For The Office

One of the things I’m always yammering on about is the need for seating areas that are not also known as desks. Desks work great for their specific function, but they are awful for lounging. Unless you’re Bill Gates (see photo). Luckily, Schiavello, a furniture design firm based in Australia, makes an awesome plush seating option to give your lounge that Bill Gates comfort, without making your coworkers uncomfortable.

The Kush series by Schiavello is an elegant solution to your office comfort needs. This series was inspired by Moroccan floor cushions and was designed by Ivan Woods, who has done a number of great designs for Schiavello.

Kush comes in a number of sizes, shapes, colors, and the option of either fabric or leather.

A little about the product from Schiavello:

“A playful collection of tailored, oversized floor cushions with moveable backrest bolsters and a range of loose cushions; Kush offers relaxed flexibility for work or relaxation in a more informal setting. Kush can be configured in a myriad of options to suit any informal space, including office breakout areas, quiet areas or chill out spaces in cafes, bars.  Perfect for the home as well, residential uses include lounge, family, sleeping and entertainment zones.”