Check Out El Cuartel’s Historic Offices

  • Client El Cuartel,
  • Location Malaga, Spain,
  • Industry Design,
  • El Cuartel is a full-service creative studio in Malaga, Spain that is located in an amazing building.

    “Set in the historic centre of Malaga, only 200 yards from the Picasso Museum, El Cuartel is an agency of young creators which has decided to respect the architecture of the past, while adding functional, innovative materials and furnishings, giving rise to a single, convivial workspace, quite unusual in the Spanish advertising sector.

    El Cuartel employs 23 people, who are sold on Andalusia, 18th century architecture, design without frills and mixing elements that make one feel at home.”

    For me, the it has almost everything – old and new style, modern and traditional elements – but the only thing it doesn’t have are enough photos!