Inside Sanofi’s Global Headquarters

  • Client Sanofi,
  • Location Paris, France,
  • Industry Healthcare,
  • Here’s a pretty neat project for French pharmaceutical multinational Sanofi:

    “Sanofi commissioned STUDIOS to design the offices of its new global headquarters in Paris. The goal was to convey the group’s identity: an international, diversified leader in healthcare, geared toward innovation and technology, promoting information and transparency.

    The design was guided by Sanofi’s commitment to organizing its office with more than 95% open workstations. Change management has been crucial, and lead to a workspace where communication moves easily between floors and across departments.

    Creating workspaces of high quality ensures consistency across the site and allows maximum flexibility in the arrangements. Particular attention was paid to sound insulation for the privacy and comfort of Sanofi’s 750 employees.

    The work environment includes a variety of spaces such as teleconference boxes, face-to-face workrooms, informal meetings areas, etc. The atrium and Community Center act as key gathering areas, provide space for social interaction and informal collaboration.”