Inspiration: Ten of the Most Unique Offices in the World

If your standard cubicle-and-grey-walls office arrangement is getting you down, you’ll be pleased to hear that not every employer wants their employees to work in dingy boxes. Some companies put the focus on creating truly unique workspaces that invigorate and inspire their employees, while at the same time providing a functional working environment. These workplaces are truly the offices of tomorrow and give a sample of what workers all over the world might have to look forward to as corporations move away from isolated working and into activity-based collaboration.

Bahnhof’s Bunker

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Built inside a former World War II bunker, Swedish ISP Bahnhof’s offices are cool, calm, collected and fortified!

Bearstech’s Den

(image credit: Bearstech’s Flickr)

Designed to resemble a bear’s den, this is one office that was designed with the spirit of the
company in mind.

Van der Architects’ Huts

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If you don’t want to ditch the privacy of cubicles altogether, take a leaf from architects’ studio Van der Architects book.

Nothing’s Boxes

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Ever looked down on cubicles because you didn’t want to “work in a box”? Nothing’s employees very literally work in boxes: their entire office is made of cardboard.

TBWA\Chiat\Day’s Street

(image credit: NOTCOT)

Rather than visiting your workmate at the next cubicle, how about taking a walk around the block with this stunning freeform design from TBWA\Chiat\Day?

Threadless’s Airstream Trailer

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Threadless take it on the road with this indoor/outdoor airstream trailer that has been repurposed as an office and studio for their webcasters.

AirBnB’s Cabins

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Developed from the design of their first cabins and growing off the back of their corporate philosophy, AirBnB’s cabin workspaces are cosy and functional.

Facebook’s Garage

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Working in Palo Alto has its benefits as Facebook allows its work and recreation areas to merge in their garage.

LEGO’s Brick House

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Hotdesks, open plan meeting spaces, slides and LEGO statuettes galore, LEGO’s workspace is not only practical, but fun.

ISLEmedia’s 8-bit World

(image credit: NOTCOT)

You haven’t just accidentally wandered into a video game: wherever you look in the ISLEmedia offices you’ll find 8-bit graphic artwork.

Author Profile:
Stefanie Rossetti is a freelance design consultant working from her virtual office in London, England. As a graphic designer by day and quirky architecture junky by night, she dreams of one day designing her own eclectic working space.