Inspiration: Ten of the Coolest Offices in the UK

Just in time for the London 2012 Olympics, it is time to check out some of the UK’s coolest offices.

Google London Office

Google’s London office is completely futuristic and built for their London engineering team. (view office)

Nicholas Tye Architecture Office

This architecture firm’s “Long Barn Studio” provides employees with a panoramic view of their natural surroundings that not only provide peace, but offer inspiration. (view office)

Innocent’s London Office

This beverage company offers employees a huge communal space that is covered in grass carpeting that brings a nice colors to the office. (view office)

Inferno’s Grandiose Advertising Agency

Inferno’s office are nestled in what looks like a 1920′s bank, but is actually a old Freemasonry lodge. Elegant! (view office)

Google’s London Co-working Office

The goal of Google’s Campus will be to provide office space for startup companies, but the facilities will also host daily events, offer regular speaker series with leading technology and entrepreneurship experts, hold networking events and run a constant mentoring program where Google staff will share their experience and expertise with residents. (view office)

Virgin Atlantic

Though not an ‘office’, the lobby of Virgin Atlantic’s headquarters offers a stunning double-height entrance with wonderful hand drawings on the walls. (view office)

Michon Creative

The offices of Michon Creative originally started life as an old school, then it was a cinema and for many years it was the heart of the community as the church hall. (view office)

Some Unnamed Shipping Company

This building was restored and offers amazing wood floors and awesome old-school style. (view office)

Melbourne’s Manchester Office

About this space: “If people are inspired by their working environments they are more likely to perform to the best of their ability. Grey and boring is not what we’re about and this new space completely reflects our personality.” (view office)

Red Bull London

Slides, bright colors, the future. If this office doesn’t give you wings…. I don’t know what will. (view office)

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