Touch Digital by post-office

  • Client Touch Digital,
  • Location United Kingdom, London, England,
  • Industry Design,
  • London-based design practice post-office recently redesigned the office for Touch Digital, London’s leader in fashion photographic services. The project has an excellent aesthetic, but more importantly, it offers well-designed workstations up to the specific tasks employees require.

    The designer had the following noted about the project:

    ‘Digital retouching agencies need a minimal amount of light in order to correctly visualise the computer screens. This constraint usually makes retouching studios a dark environment.

    We took this challenge to heart as we wanted communal areas of the new touch offices to be bright and airy whilst providing low-light environments to facilitate the retouchers work. The new touch offices maximise the already generous amounts of space and light the warehouse space had to offer.

    The space owes its aesthetic and choice of materials to scandinavian classic modernism as well as 60’s corporate american grandeur as well as the minimal art movement. The central retouching booths appear as minimal sculptures in a grand setting rather than individual work spaces. All of the retouching environments are lined in grey felt in order to offer a colour-neutral background for the retouchers while helping to noise-proof the open workspaces.’

    Design by Philippe Malouin | POST-OFFICE
    Photography by David Giles