Bisley’s New Integrated Storage Solution: Be

UK storage giant Bisley has recently announced a new product in their lineup titled, ‘Be’. Rather than just lining up strage unats along the wall, Be is meant to integrate storage throughout the office environment.

Be is a modular solution, giving many different configurations based on the particular office needs. Because of this flexibility, it can be paired with existing furniture and desking solutions. The system is also wired, giving it additional usability in the modern workplace.

Bisley notes that some of the key drivers of this product are:

  • A workforce liberated from the strictures of single-place working by the advent of wireless communication
  • Such liberation generates the need and desire for access to everything at all times
  • A blurring of the lines between home and the office working that is reflected in the design of a space
  • A disparity between the needs and aspirations of the three generations that make up the workforce
  • The reduction in demand for paper storage being offset by the requirement for other types of storage
I hope to have some photos when the product debuts in late October. But in the meantime, here are some product drawings and models showing possible configurations and options.