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  • Client,
  • Location Sao Paulo, Brazil,
  • Here’s a neat office that was recently sent my way: believes that the role of the agency is to develop and maintain a winning position, generating results for our client’s business. We have a brand-oriented approach, combining creativity with interaction. We create experiences—experiences involving both digital and non-digital platforms, inspired by new consumer-oriented dynamics.

    Located on Rua João Moura, near Praça Benedito Calixto and Vila Madalena district one of the most welcoming and modern São Paulo, the building was designed by Idea! Zarvos, who signs the coolest projects in the region.

    Sustainable, the building saves energy, since it has large glass windows on all floors, at both ends. The area is also surrounded by greenery. A bike rack was installed underground encouraging quality of life. The furnishings and decor of the eight floors are minimalist, with touches of color.

    Furthermore, the new space promises to be a core of expanding knowledge. The agency has an auditorium that will host a quarterly lecture on topics related to the digital market. With thirteen years of existence, has a team of 270 people and serves 44 brands.”

    Photography: Armenak Borazanian