Bisley Launches Be, The Flexible Work Landscape

I briefly mentioned a new storage solution last month called Be by Bisley, UK’s leader in office storage solutions. At the time they had only released drawings, but at last month’s Orgatec 2012 tradeshow the product was fully on display.

The main goal of Be is to give companies a modern solution to the changing workplace needs of the future. Trends like the increase in employee mobility, increases in collaboration, and moves to a non-static workplaces all feed into the product.

Be is made up of a collection of components that arranged in a plethora of ways depending on an organization’s needs. Need desking with better storage built in? Perfect. Looking for third spaces with built-in power? Check.

“Dynamic organisations need to respond swiftly to changing work landscapes with minimum disruption and Be™ is the ultimate solution. It can be rearranged and reconfigured whilst supporting an organisation’s ever-changing and evolving needs. Be™ is not one solution but a plethora of possibilities to suit the different needs of individuals and businesses now as well as in the future.”

More on Be by Bisley here.