Nazori’s Melbourne Software Development Offices

Mobile software development firm Nazori has a fantastic office space for its Melbourne-based employees. Having recently moved from a nearby coworking facility, the new office provides a more comfortable and homelike – yet very temporary – atmosphere for the team.

Creating the optimal environment for a software development team can be difficult. Some people prefer open environments, while other prefer privacy. But it is more nuanced than adding buzzwords to an office. What is Nazori’s take? Brad Dunn, Nazori’s Executive Director weighs in:

“I kind of think there is this ideology that free cokes and ping pong tables create culture, but its just not true. It creates furniture. I’ve had some incredibly horrible jobs in my time in incredibly looking offices, and great creative jobs I loved in boring environements.

I think what really makes a great software development company is for one, just giving people the best tools to complete the job. This can in a way translate to ‘stuff’ like equipment, furniture, natural light. And Two. Ensuring they have enough creativity and freedom to feel happy about the work they’re doing.”

Nazori’s office is located on Gore Street, which is a vibrant part of town with many of the best restaurants and drinking spots. Dunn believes that location plays a large role in employee attitudes toward work. “No matter how cool your office is, if its boring street side, and hard to get to, it throws the entire experience off. We’re lucky.”

But not all of the company’s staff are located in office. 4 of the 8 employees work remotely from places as far as Thailand and China, and one who simply works from home in Melbourne.

And just what is so temporary about their office? Well, as Dunn explained, the building their office is located in is scheduled to be demolished in January 2014. This led the team to quickly design a space that was both inexpensive and easily moveable. In fact, planning is already underway for a new office in Sydney.

Design: Completed by Nazori’s staff
Photography: Brad Dunn