The Offices of Forefront Consulting Group

Swedish IT and management consultants, Forefront Consulting Group, have an attractive office located in Stockholm. One of the entrants in Sweden’s Coolest Office contest, the office boasts spectacular views and no owned workstations.

Some information about the space from the contest page:

Forefront has since its foundation been experiencing strong growth and was in great need of larger facilities for their operations.

The goal of the interior was to create a warm and creative environment with varied jobs. At the entrance you are met by a reception and a surface for receiving clients and also set the table for the buffet at conferences. In the same “room” as the entrance further into account a guitar with amplifier next four Chesterfield armchairs, guitar widely used by company employees in need of creative breaks or Friday pubs. Together, they give a feeling of being in a living room.

This is something that is consistently throughout the venue – the border between the office and home are blurring, which was also one of the main goals.Periodically, it pops up an area where staff can bring their laptop, put their feet up on the table and sit back on the couch.

Of course, there are also desks with real desk chairs, meeting and group work, but no personal workstations.

Photography: Christopher Nose