Inside’s Playful Headquarters

  • Client,
  • Location Bursa, Turkey,
  • Industry Technology,
  • Video social networking company has a pretty incredible office space for their 200+ employees located in Bursa, Turkey. The office is set in a fairly sprawling building with a lot of room for staff to spread out and be social, relax, or work away from the main workstation areas.

    Some of the special features in the office are caves, a ski tram, a cloud egg thing, a sail boat table, a stage, bar, cafe, relaxation room, and gym.

    Here’s a bit about the space from the company:

    “The aim of the office is combine the past with the future. It has been designed by the traditional and popular objects of the city Bursa with a modern point of view.

    On the first floor you will be welcomed by the popular objects of Bursa such as ; caves (which refers to springs on the mountain), Lift (rope railway) , floss and a boat (which refers to towm of Bursa, Mudanya on sea side.) Also you will able to see a good combination of those objects with the modern technology and design.

    On the second floor you will able to feel the atmosphere of old times of Bursa. All office rooms are built as Ottoman time’s old Bursa Houses ; there even an old Coffee house and small market! In side of the Office rooms’ are designed with different themas for each of them. The meeting area has been designed as a star and moon which refers to flag of Turkish Republic.”