Updesk’s New UpWrite & Series II Height Adjustable Desks

I’ve written about height adjustable desks before, and given that it is one of my most popular posts of all time, I know people are interested. UpDesk, one of the companies mentioned in that post, has recently released a couple of new products I think you should know about: the UpWrite and Series II.

The UpWrite

The UpWrite Height Adjustable Desk has literally combined their height adjustable desk with a whiteboard to create a brand new desk experience that you can write on. While the graphics mention that the desk can be used for brainstorming, collaboration, and notes – I know I’d use it for my daily to-do list. Finish a task and I can have gratification of erasing it instantly.


The Series II

The Series II UpDesk provides everything the classic UpDesks gave users, but is improved in several ways: energy-saving lift controls, reinforced steel footings, no crossbeam between the legs, and the ability to lift to 50″. This version of the UpDesk comes in Maple, Mahogany, Black, and Orange and accommodates treadmills for all you kinesthetic-types.


Both of these height adjustable products by UpDesk come with the following features standard:

  • Electrically-powered lift system
  • Heavy duty 300 lb. lifting capacity
  • Height adjustable from 25.5″ to 50.5″
  • Accommodates Treadmills
  • Cable-management channel included
  • Energy-saver controls
  • Simple 20-minutes out of the box set up

Visit UpDesk’s website for more information about both products.

UpDesk has also put together a pretty epic video on why you need to get the UpWrite: