PorQueNão?’s São Paulo Offices

  • Client PorQueNão?,
  • size 1,075 sqft
  • Year 2013
  • Location Sao Paulo, Brazil,
  • Industry Design,
  • PorQueNão is a Brazilian mobile innovation company located in São Paulo that has built apps for companies like BASF, Reserva, DeVry, Kirin Brazil, and many others.

    “As an innovative company, we believe that in order to create and deliver excellent apps, it takes an excellent working environment. A space that inspires, motivates, entertains, challenges and thrills!

    With these goals in mind, Caselúdico was invited to turn these ideas into reality! Bruno Ogura, Leika Morishita and the rest of Caselúdico team accepted the challenge and in less than a month, built from the scratch PorQueNão?`s new office around Paulista Avenue, one of the main avenues in São Paulo.

    It`s a cozy 100 sq meter office that hosts 16 people among Strategic Planners, Designers, Developers and Business Analysts. The project focused on a friendly open space concept, to stimulate companionship, communication agility, renewal and joy at work. The new environment definitively translates the sum of our team`s souls!

    Caselúdico found innovative ways to use all available space, focusing not only on the traditional working space but also creating two completely different corners (Beach and Picnic themes) and one meeting room (factory theme) as alternative working areas offering a more relaxing, free, private and immersive experience to PorQueNão?`s team. Caselúdico was born on the digital era, mixing communication, audiovisual and aesthetics solutions, transforming everyday motives and insights into scenography.

    All solution are clearly base on consumer needs, concretizing brands’ and business‘ DNA, into spaces that provide remarkable experiences impacting consumers`minds and hearts.”

    Design: Caselúdico