Insurance Company’s Offices – Taipei

  • Client Unnamed Company,
  • size 53,389 sqft
  • Year 2013
  • Location Taipei, Taiwan,
  • Industry Financial / Investments,
  • Steven Leach has recently worked with an insurance-based financial services provider with a global network of subsidiaries to create a new, communications-centered office in Taipei, Taiwan.

    “The project occupies 9 floors in Fabulous Building, Taipei with a total area of 4,960 sq. meters, accommodating 31 departments and 454 employees. The main concept is to celebrate communication among staff; therefore, the design places an emphasis onto interactive areas. All the meeting rooms consist of a glass box façade’ design, to accentuate the concept. Communication booths are also designed as focal points to further encourage interaction and collaboration between all staff.

    The 8 Cl colors throughout the interior place an additional emphasis onto the interactive areas. Each floor is designed with a specific color, and the meeting rooms
    and communication booths are clearly indicated through the CI color choice for the carpet, fabric, and film.”

    Design: Steven Leach, Taipei