Google’s Düsseldorf Offices

LEPEL & LEPEL Architektur designed a creative and vibrant office environment for Google’s Düsseldorf operations in 2011.

In communicating Google’s philosophy and extraordinary flair LEPEL & LEPEL has eschewed a bold style and instead succeeded in capturing the company’s spirit by way of themed spaces. The solution: offices that allow plenty of creative space and nurture new ideas.

The once neutral office space has been transformed into a happy blend of open-space offices, individual work stations, conference rooms, recreational areas and communication environments that radiate dynamism, creativity, playfulness and flexibility. Google’s primary colors have deliberately not been used. Instead Google’s typical look and feel is conveyed by the themes that permeate all the different environments.

Google’s Düsseldorf location makes reference to the entire Rhine/Ruhr region: the Rhinelanders’ happy nature, the Bergisches Land region, the brewery culture, Düsseldorf as the home of haute couture with its exclusive Königsallee boulevard, steel, art, the Lower Rhine region, carnival, the famous TV character Schimanski . . .

All the above associations have been woven into the unofficial guideline underlying “Men of Steel & Girls of Pleasure”, which was then transformed into the design strategy: The open-space work zones are conceived as workshops and accentuated using lighting features and appropriate materials. They reflect openness and offer plenty of creative freedom for dreaming up new ideas. Anything goes is the motto, provided it complies with what defines and is essential to the creative hotbed that is Google: “Men of Steel”.

The rooms available to everyone for short periods are each dedicated to an individual theme, for example the “Kunsthalle” meeting room, the “Rheinwiese” video conference room or the “Brauhaus” bistro – the color range runs from glamorous to trendy: “Girls of Pleasure”.

Opportunities for quick retreats between the think tank and the shared communication and fun zones are provided in the transition areas between in the form of lounge islands and individual work stations: Flying Desks are small alcoves for brainstorming and sharing creative ideas, which link the different areas with one another: “Men of Steel” and “Girls of Pleasure”.

The typical icons that epitomize Google’s corporate culture, namely lava lamps, game zones, disco balls und graffiti, likewise feature in the concept. Working with Google The design strategy and concept were evolved in close collaboration with the client, who was decisive and open to suggestions; employees’ ideas, wishes and experiences were also channeled into the planning.

The above culminated in a myriad of creative ideas that communicated the open design process and spawned extraordinary and innovative solutions.

Design: LEPEL & LEPEL Architektur
Photography: Jens Kirchner