Nowy Style Office & Showroom

  • Client Nowy Styl,
  • size 4,305 sqft
  • Year 2013
  • Location Moscow, Russia,
  • Industry Furniture,
  • Office furniture solutions company Nowy Styl has recently moved into a new Moscow showroom and office space designed by Meandre LLC.

    The Nowy Styl showroom opening took place in August at the “Legenda Tsvetnogo” business centre. Nowy Styl specializes in providing office furniture solutions, that’s why the idea for the interior was to create a literal example of how best to create a flexible and efficient working space using Nowy Styl own furniture.

    The Architect was invited to design an office that would look unusual and at the same time use an organic workspace concept. The general idea was to combine the working space, the formal and informal communication spaces into a single hub but at the same time the design should also look comfortable enough for the more conservative customers visiting the show room. The key colours of the interior chosen were white, with several shades of green, grey, blue and brown.

    The Office interior was designed as one space, combining modern work stations with comfortable rest spaces and communication areas. Also with the reception area being part of the open plan space added to the overall spatial quality, with only one meeting room, the toilets and storage made into separate rooms.

    The Nowy Styl proposes office solutions to all its clients its own office interior is a living showroom. The new office showcases not only furniture, but also floor/ceiling finishes and lighting solutions as well. Professional ambient sound system and smart lighting control systems used to create an even better environment for employees and visitors.

    The logical center of the office is a raised platform that can easily become a stage, or as an ideal place to showcase new furniture items. The bespoke wooden circular ceiling mirrors the shape of the platform. The raised platform also houses a tiny coffee point and media bar that enables informal video conferencing.

    The terrace with its beautiful city view became a cosy lounge space for employees and visitors. It also works well as a party space.

    While the office space itself is pretty small it really helps potential customers to fully understand what can be done when you have new furniture, modern materials and smart technologies.

    Design: Meandre LLC
    Photography: Ekaterina Kazinova