Wise Group’s Activity-based Stockholm Offices / BSK Arkitekter

  • Client Wise Group,
  • size 5,920 sqft
  • Year 2013
  • Location Stockholm, Sweden,
  • Industry Consulting / Business Services,
  • BSK Arkitekter has developed a new activity-based office space for Wise Group’s operations in Stockholm.

    Wise Group AB is the parent company of a group that owns, start and develop specialist company in recruitment, hiring consultants and HR / personnel area. They planned a move to Sveavägen, but wanted simultaneously to the office would be something more than just new premises

    The two challenges were that the room was only 550 sq ft and that the project had limited resources. Via the property owner Vasakronan coupled BSK Architects in for his vast experience in working with activity-based workplaces. Wise became directly interested in BSK Architects’ proprietary method called ABA (Activity Based Operation), which is based on a company’s goals and the staff’s various duties to create an optimized workplace.

    Before BSK Architects even drew a line was performed a thorough analysis of interviews and workshops. Only then were the concept and office design firm. Based on a brand analysis was ensured also that both Wise business and brand are reflected in the decor.

    As recruitment agencies, it was important to create space where respondents feel safe and allowed to show their true colors. Therefore, both the entrance and all interview rooms in the venue designed calm and sober, the acoustics are muted and there is no transparency. It may also be sensitive to being in a recruitment process and therefore it was important that candidates could be passed in to a quick and efficient manner.

    For the employees became the new office a boost. They are often on the move between sales meetings and interviews. The workplace should be functional and no unnecessary decoration. The premises now has a raw style with visible installations and open spaces. The view towards Sveavägen gives a feeling of being right in the action. The two strategy rooms was evident out with raspberry red perforated metal that signals an ongoing activity.

    Cooperation with Wise has been extremely successful and has become a textbook example of how the office of the future might look like with activity-based approach. The new office has created a better atmosphere internally and above all have ways of working changed and optimized.

    Design: BSK Arkitekter