CEOffice – Moscow Office and Showroom

  • Client CEOffice,
  • size 3,229 sqft
  • Year 2014
  • Location Moscow, Russia,
  • Industry Furniture,
  • CEOffice has recently moved into a new office and showroom located in Moscow, Russia.

    CEOffice is a young team of professionals combining expertise in complete turn-key furnishing, contemporary design & fit out services on the Russian contract market. Alexey Essi-Ezing, Partner and Creative director was responsible for design concept acting as a Chief Architect & coordinator of the project.
    Showroom space has been divided into 2 completely different areas: 1st floor is devoted to «30 plus» generation that is used to more calm and classic atmosphere. Second floor is oriented towards Y-generation echo-boomers staff and combines fresh design ideas together with modern finishes and minimalistic design.

    First “classical” floor is decorated in the style of “respectable business club lounge”.  Custom made wooden wall claddings, exclusive solid wood executive collections illustrate the power and energy of nature – and is made of solid wood trees up to 100 years old.  Luxury atmosphere is baked up with beige-brown-chocolate color grade with pale leather & carpet tiles in-fills.

    Getting upstairs people find themselves in an inspiring atmosphere. The colour-grade is composed of light fresh gradation of green-blue colours, duplicating the sky and the green crowns of Botanicheskyi garden, one of the oldest botanic gardens (1706), which stands nearby.

    The idea was to show the beauty and energy of the nature that is around us and to let this feelings in the showroom space. The green lawn carpet and the blue-sky soft poufs and soft furniture elements harmoniously balance white ceiling finishing.

    Design: CEOffice