2ML – Amsterdam Offices

  • Client 2ML,
  • size 6,995 sqft
  • Year 2014
  • Location Amsterdam, Netherlands,
  • Industry Technology,
  • Powerhouse Company and Jaegger.nl by Vivien have designed a new office space for 2ML located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

    2ML, a remarkable IT and cloud solutions company, recently completed its headquarters in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. With the new offices, 2ML aims to truly stand out and stay away from the somewhat boring, old-fashioned image IT companies often have. Therefore, the new office space strongly reflects the company’s spirit: smart, trustworthy, and an eye for detail.

    Being distinctive has been in the company’s DNA from the start in 2000. When the time was right for these new corporate headquarters, main goal was to reinforce the company’s present-time spirit and its position as dedicated service provider.

    Therefore, the architecture by the Powerhouse Company allows for many open spaces to stimulate interaction. As 2ML strives to be the best service provider in IT, communication is an important factor for success. The spatial design is supported by bright, seamless floors. Glass walls between several conference rooms and the open space ensure everything stays part of a whole. Large, wooden desks in the corporate rooms nonetheless offer an intimate place for meetings.

    The interior design by Jaegger.nl creates a warm welcome for visiting guests and clients. A present-day office supports this feeling, and that is where the Sean Dix design sofas come into play. Surrounded by office spaces, the meeting room with Zuiver chairs and authentic carpets and tables by Jeagger.nl is a remarkable yet homely ambience. The modern kitchen allows for lunch meetings where guests are free to sit down on one of the Piet Hein Eek design chairs.

    All in all, the 2ML offices create an inspiring workplace for both its employees and guests. With the goal of being a high-quality service provider, detail is what it is all about. IT is constantly evolving and this requires modern-day offices.

    Architecture: Powerhouse Company
    Design: Jaegger.nl by Vivien
    Photography: Ivan Schmeltz