Eidsiva bredbånd AS – Lillehammer Headquarters

  • Client Eidsiva bredbånd AS,
  • size 12,916 sqft
  • Year 2014
  • Location Lillehammer, Norway,
  • Industry Hardware / Software Development,
  • Asplan Viak has designed the headquarters of Norwegian broadband provider Eidsiva bredbånd AS located in Lillehammer.

    Eidsiva bredbånd AS offers broadband access via its own infrastructure to customers in the residential and business market. The company currently has around 115 employees at its headquarters in Lillehammer, Norway.

    Eidsiva conducts an annual employee survey and participate in the selection of Norway’s best workplace organized by Great Place to Work. In previous years, they cut well on satisfaction/interactions etc , but poorer in office solution/interior.

    Spring 2013 the management decided to take the next step in its efforts to raise employee satisfaction. They decided to conduct a comprehensive change to activity based working (ABW). Objective: We want to become the best workplace in Norway!

    The existing office space was worn down and out of date. Everybody worked in an open plan space, and they all had fixed/individual desks. There were a few large meeting rooms available on the premises, but they had little space for cooperation with 1 or 2 people. It was moreover few quietrooms for concentrated work and no proper areas for social and spontaneous meetings and cooperation.

    In cooperation with Dutch organisation Veldhoen + Company AB, Eidsiva conducted occupancy measurements and activity analyzes and (re)defined their guiding principles. This resulted in a blueprint for the number of working and meeting/collaboration spaces for the company. In addition the number of seats was broken down into different focus levels. Zoning and concept was defined, as well as a scope of construction work including demolition of existing interior walls and ceilings. During the same period a new graphic profile was developed and applied into our work with colors, materials , surfaces and expression.

    The guidelines for the physical environment defined that no one should own a private workplace. Everybody were to be able to work together with the right person at any given time and find support for places for spontaneous meetings.

    The solution is characterized by variation, playfulness and a recognizable culture.

    Eidsiva had its official opening 20/06/14 . They have now been working in the new premises well over half ayear, and so far the feedback is very positive. Due to the flexible layout it is no longer a challenge with an increased number of employees; the company has grown by 15 people since its opening.

    Design: Asplan Viak
    Custom Furniture: Wilberg Design
    Furniture Suppliers: PROOFF, PAlau
    Photography: Espen Grønlie