Nowy Styl Group – Kraków Offices

  • Client Nowy Styl Group,
  • size 2,906 sqft
  • Year 2015
  • Location Krakow, Poland,
  • Industry Furniture,
  • Furniture company Nowy Styl Group has recently moved into their new office space located in Kraków, Poland.

    Few people get their best work done in a dull gray cubicle farm or a noisy open office.

    The marketing department, regardless of the business core of a company it is a part of, is a specific kind of place. It is where highly creative work gets done. It is where the brand new ideas are born during a great number of brainstorming sessions. It is where the energy loads come from what is the best in such an environment ‒ the people that create it. The people with various talents. The ones who are with full of initiative and enthusiastic about their work.

    We can quite agree with the proverbial saying: that “the shoemaker’s son always goes barefoot”, as the only thing that was missing in our department ‒ the marketing department of the 4th biggest office furniture supplier ‒ was the appropriate workplace environment. The workplace that supports employee performance and reinforces the corporate culture. The one that we offer our customers ‒ based not only on ergonomic products and an interesting design but also on a concrete solution that ensures the most effective working conditions.

    The marketing department has been located in Krakow for many years now. The frequent organisational changes and staff rotation were reflected in the office appearance. The image of an old office arrangement would haunt us each time we think about it so we had better leave it behind us and focus on the new one.

    We got the employees on board by carrying out a survey whose aim was to define their needs and expectations concerning the new office. Then a bit more time for a careful design and construction work was needed and the new workplace arrangement has come into being. Total makeover!

    The previous office space has now been divided into three main zones:

    • the welcome area ‒ the reception, waiting area and the managerial office
    • the workspace ‒ the domestic market and export market support teams, the graphic designers, the space planning team, the public relations team
    • the meeting area and relax zone

    We have not forgotten about the employees from other departments who pay us frequent visits ‒ for them we have dedicated a hot desk system for them. And for the most talkative ones ‒ a phone booth that isolates them from the hustle and bustle of everyday office work.

    It didn’t take long to see the results. The new work environment has helped us to eliminate the basic problems that the employees complained about: from the workplace distractions like an excessive noise and inability to focus to the lack of space designed for holding meetings and informal, spontaneous consultations. The energetic colour scheme, stimulating overall layout and the perfect order set up by new rules have just completed the whole. We are happy to announce that we work in a space that we are proud of!

    Design: Sebastian Wiśniewski
    Photography: Smart Studio