Simpel – Amsterdam Offices

  • Client Simpel,
  • size 6,996 sqft
  • Year 2015
  • Location Amsterdam, Netherlands,
  • Industry Consulting / Business Services,
  • MVD Ontwerp has developed a new office design for telecom company Simpel in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

    The new Simpel Office combines many aspects such as industrial, simplicity, robust, combined in a homely setting.

    The office building had an industrial look with concrete pillars and ceilings. Normaly this has a rather cold and hard appearance but we wanted exactly the opposite and added warm elements and materials and this made it really comfortable. The masonry walls with small windows enhance the industrial feel and were specially designed for this office.

    As a contrast, we have kept the furniture very homely and well styled with lots of pillows and decoration materials.

    We created a training room, call centre, several offices and many informal spaces to meet, work, drink, eat, play and socialize. The fact that everything was bought online was an exiting experience, it has worked out very well in the end.

    We did not look for new furniture but not too old as well, precisely in between and that really worked out. Some of the furniture we especially made for our client such as the tables and special seating’s in the window.

    Design: MVD Ontwerp / Majanka Hendriks
    Photography: Foto Experience / Rolf Vogel