Sapient Consulting Offices – Bangalore

  • Client Sapient,
  • size 400,000 sqft
  • Year 2016
  • Location Bangalore, India,
  • Industry Consulting / Business Services,
  • Interics Design Consultants has designed the new offices of Sapient located in Bangalore, India

    The new facility at Sapient Bangalore has been built to vastly expand the footprint of the company in the Indian subcontinent. It is spread across eight floors, stacked one upon the other with a total area of approximately 400,000 sqft. A common design language has been followed on all floors along with the usage of some new design elements on each floor to break the monotony of the spaces.

    The facility, as a part of Sapient culture, follows the Sapient core values. This has been achieved by creating open layouts, thereby eliminating any kind of hierarchy. Whiteboards dominate the office space and can be used for meetings and work plans. This is further supported by open collaborative spaces which provide respite from the seriousness and monotony of the work. These collaborative/huddle spaces further add up as informal spaces where people can interact and team up in an nonrestrictive environment, thereby promoting the growth of ideas. Writing surfaces have been provided both for enhancing creativity and also to support one on one discussions.

    The Sapient facility is a dynamic work environment that promotes strategy, creativity and execution. The design of the facility from the macro to micro level ensures that the entire unit works as a single cohesive entity.

    Design: Interics Design Consultants