Britannia StudyLink Offices – Hong Kong

  • Client Britannia StudyLink,
  • size 1,840 sqft
  • Year 2016
  • Location Hong Kong, China,
  • Industry Consulting / Business Services, Non-Profit / Government,
  • DEFT has designed the new offices of educational consultant Britannia StudyLink, located in Hong Kong.

    Britannia StudyLink is an education group dedicated to designing study paths and providing expert support for students who wish to study in the UK. Britannia commissioned DEFT to design and build an energetic office and learning space in line with the Centreís brand identity.

    The project involved the re-use of existing built infrastructure, recognising the reduced construction impact of this approach, while also addressing the need to update educational facilities in line with Britannia’s current and future demands. It is designed to support a focused learning, teaching and consulting perspective – a place where chance encounters and friendships can foster within the BSL community.

    DEFT seized the opportunity to create a defining space by combining new and old elements into a coherent interior.

    The project involved the refurbishment of the existing Centre which existed previously as three separate rooms on the same floor. The new interiors for the centre houses both private and open office spaces, meeting rooms, a pantry, flexible learning spaces, and a concealed walk in closet.

    The resulting design realised Britannia’s aims by working with the existing interiors to create British-influenced wainscoting, custom designed and laser cut acoustic panelling made from digitally manufactured felt, a matching blue ceiling, softer furnishing featuring low level seating for a more relaxed atmosphere in the casual meeting room, plus concealed doors leading out of the Marketing office. Visitors are welcomed with CNC fabricated Valcromat panels bearing the BSL logo at the Centreís entrance, with the logo also etched into the acoustic panelling found in the meeting rooms. Also featured in the meeting room is a 3 meter long custom designed meeting table with a continuos marble surface.

    The spaces within incorporating timber and felt have been designed for acoustic comfort and with future flexibility in mind, creating possibilities for future changes of use. All internal walls are treated as functional spaces by incorporating concealed storage space accessible to each room. The pantry room features a sharp yellow ceiling to contrast with the tiles’ blue grouting, which was custom mixed on site to match the corporate brand colours.

    Design Team: Ryan Lam, Norman Ung, Peter Lampard, Tony Lai
    Photography: Hazel Yuen Fun