Axilis Offices – Zagreb

  • Client Axilis,
  • size 3,500 sqft
  • Year 2017
  • Location Zagreb, Croatia,
  • Industry Technology,
  • Edita Barabaš has designed the new offices of tech company Axilis, located in Zagreb, Croatia.

    Axilis is an agile team of exceptional engineers and product designers who like to help businesses of all shapes and sizes, design & build impactful software products. After six months of work, Axilis’ team moved into new 325 square meter (3,500 square foot), industrial-design-inspired digs. To achieve wanted style, interior designers skillfully combined the grayscale furniture and raw materials.

    Designers wanted to create a fluid and functional interior that promotes creativity and teamwork. Additionally, they wanted the space to reflect Axilis’ friendly, relaxed culture. Based on these goals interior designers and Axilis’ CEO Bruno Kovačić decided to adopt an open concept. They did so, though fully aware of the potential downsides – a lack of privacy and excessive noise. To mitigate these concerns, they broke the space up into smaller work areas, made liberal use of “white space” and added a lot of soundproofing. One of them is the conference room that is an elegant glass box smack dab in the center of the office.

    There are 2 phone rooms that are ideal for quiet, solo work or for conference calls with American colleagues and clients. Even though phone rooms are usually very small and can only fit one person at a time, designers opted for larger ones that could accommodate multiple team members, whether they are on a call or otherwise collaborating.

    The kitchen is the communal heart of the office. Here, team members love to eat, make espresso and catch up with one another. Also, every Thursday, it’s the site of their internal meetups that have become an integral part of Axilis culture.

    The living room is everything you’d expect: a mellow area with lots of comfortable seating. Next to the living room is a black wall featuring a giant drawing by Axilis’ designers. Every detail was carefully selected to perfectly blend with the interior style. This office is a great combination of productive workspace and homey comfort. Consistency in materials, textures, colors and details throughout the interior make the office complete, industrial-design-inspired unit.

    Design: Edita Barabaš
    Photography: Vilim Vukoja