Accenture Offices – Bucharest

  • Client Accenture,
  • size 8,611 sqft
  • Year 2016
  • Location Bucharest, Romania,
  • Industry Consulting / Business Services,
  • Corporate Office Solutions designed the offices of professional services company Accenture, located in Bucharest, Romania.

    The Brief was to design a welcoming area and customer oriented space that reflects Accenture’s innovative and creative nature. The areas are part of the refurbishment of the ground floor and first floor and represent the first contact with Accenture’s office space environment.

    The design proposal depicts intersections of simple volumes. The limits and intersections are marked by contrasts. The continuity of the architectural vocabulary is marked by the strips of color marking the limits between light and dark, cold and warm. The predominant strips although static in execution are perceived as a dynamic contour guiding the sight throughout the space. The first impact with the environment as you enter the reception area is not only kept at a high note inside the meeting rooms and quiet cells, but also on the corridors, the links between the specific functional setups. The sense of space is suggested by placing in foreground minimalistic light fixtures delivering clear light in the foreground of the exposed dark painted ceiling, leaving the impression of an endless continuity into outer space.

    Limits are bent, rules of surfaces are broken, the idea of out of the box thinking and innovative approach on all things is suggested by the lack of confinement to floors walls or ceiling. Everything is a whole and everything follows and directs towards an idea.

    Technology and natural elements blend together in this landscape of dynamism and independence. Specifically designed, the space stays true to the Brand and enriches the meaning of what Accenture stands for. The carpet design is composed of various Interface ranges as part of the design approach but also of the company’s environment consciousness attitude. The integration of natural elements such as plants in the shape of green walls have the role design wise to reflect on the natural side of the human’s condition but also considering Biophillic principles of order.

    DesignCorporate Office Solutions
    PhotographyCosmin Dragomir