Singulariteam Offices – Tel Aviv

Hanover Interior Design and Architectural Planning designed the offices for private venture capital fund Singulariteam, located in Tel Aviv, Israel.

The space design concept is based on the little details, ‘Bottom Up Design’, which produces a unique diverse picture. Details which connect entrepreneurship individualism to a gradient diverse frame using materials and textures allowing all kinds of talents to be expressed.

The floor treatment is intense and includes material overlapping between the spaces which breaks the limits thus creates dynamic natural free flow from the passages into the offices spaces, enhances the vibes and enlarges the interaction while blurring conventional borders and hierarchies.

Glossiness and transparency are vastly used on the walls and dividers in the space’s core which we would expect to be more enclosed, using marble, glasses and graphic textures. To say, in this space, with the right and wise interactions, everything is possible and there are no boundaries. While the envelope which is mostly enclosed, frames the space with warm materialism and chilly formalism and injects some balance into the freedom of interactions which exists as some kind of twister in its inner core.

DesignerHanover Interior Design and Architectural Planning
Architect: Yossef Hanover
Photography: Itay Sikolsky