Confidential Client BOX100 Offices – Nanchang

  • Client Unnamed Company,
  • size 5,381 sqft
  • Year 2017
  • Location Nanchang, China,
  • Yiduan Shanghai Interior Design completed the BOX100 offices for a confidential client located in Nanchang, China.

    BOX100 is located on the top floor of a single three-story office building. Yiduan Shanghai Interior Design used the seemingly ordinary “matchbox” as the key word in the design of architecture and space, and conducted a pioneer experiment of breaking the fixed office order for modern people who are lack of concentration under the fast pace and high strength.

    The white cement columns of different lengths are arranged in line, and the company’s shareholding system is interpreted with the image of “the fire burns high when everybody adds wood to it”. The space is interspersed with the light and shadow at day and night, forming a very sculptural vertical scenery.

    Opposed to the pure white facade, the interior space of BOX100 is filled with a whole black texture. From the elevated entrance to the sunken front desk, floor, ceiling and walls, all are in black, which create a pure atmosphere that calms people’s heart.

    The rectangular desks are randomly placed in the space, some are scattered in the office, and some are piled up in the meeting area. They seem like modular matchboxes that can be assembled freely, which change the stereotyped impression of a rigid office. The irregular black and the original wood color of the table are matched with each other very well, and the steel grids not only filter the dazzling sunlight, but also the impetuousness, and only leave behind the deep and endless inspiration and wisdom.

    With the special concept of matchbox as the design clue, Yiduan Shanghai Interior Design explored an innovative solution to a humane scale in contemporary office space. BOX100 is like a matchbox that is waiting for the most brilliant sparks come from the collision of ideas.

    DesignerYiduan Shanghai Interior Design
    Design Team: Xu Xujun, Xu Xuwei, Liu Wei, Liu Wei, Gong Xuan, Luo Zhenhai
    Photography: Zhang Quan