Visual Elements Offices – Toronto

  • Client Visual Elements,
  • size 18,000 sqft
  • Year 2017
  • Location Toronto, Canada,
  • Industry Manufacturing,
  • X-Design used IMT Modular Walls to design the offices for Visual Elements , a retail fabricator located in Toronto, Canada.

    IMT Modular Walls has recently finished overhauling the corporate offices of Visual Elements, an innovative design and manufacturing business based in Toronto, Ontario. So based in Toronto, the professionals at IMT expertly surveyed Visual Element’s existing office space to find out how to create a more efficient, open-concept layout.

    At 18,000 square feet, Visual Element’s new offices are delicately crafted to preserve privacy while remaining transparent, collaborative, and spatially conservative. From day one, the team at IMT made sure that Visual Element’s dedication to advanced technology, superior craftsmanship, and product innovation did not go unnoticed. This is why IMT uses ClearFlex partitions as a central feature of their project.

    The ClearFlex is a new type of modular partition that is well-known for its simplicity, transparency, and durable build. Best of all, ClearFlex are highly reliable across the industry. If you have a flexible or changing workplace environment, ClearFlex is the perfect solution for modifying your space while staying true to its original character.

    When they first heard of the ClearFlex, they knew they had no idea what to do with these state-of-the-art partitions. Unlike other modular wall partitions, ClearFlex can be easily modified to fit a company’s needs. In the case of a fast-moving design company search as Visual Elements, it is clear that ClearFlex was the right choice.

    ClearFlex partitions are engineered with one-inch leveling capabilities for hassle-free installations on even floors. Although the Visual Elements office space was perfect, the teams at IMT and Visual Elements enjoyed peace of mind knowing they had the freedom to adjust the bottoms of the partitions.

    The panels were designed to be 10mm or 12mm thick for impressive soundproofing. The frame finishes were made anodized aluminum and provided a sturdy foundation for the structure. IMG’s ReFlex or UniFlex partition systems later.

    This project has the addition of many new workspaces including boardrooms, client meeting rooms, and more. Although the ClearFlex is transparent, the panels are sound proofing. However, they provide a transparent view and help build trust and rapport between team members and clients.

    IMT knew that visual elements needed innovative workspace that reflected their company culture. This is why ClearFlex was chosen as the main partition type for this project. Built a custom-made environment for collaboration and pushing the limits.

    In each, the renovation project transformed the office space into a team-focused environment. The finished product? A stunning new office space suitable for a company dedicated to pushing the boundaries, taking the old, and starting anew.

    ContractorIMT Modular Walls
    Photography: Steve Tsai, Shay Sekler