Lamb Weston Belaya Dacha Offices – Lipetsk

  • Client Lamb Weston,
  • size 45,004 sqft
  • Year 2017
  • Location Libetsk, Russia,
  • Industry Food / Beverage,
  • KOSHKA has realized the comfort-inspired offices in the expansive landscape for Lamb Weston located in Lipetsk, Russia.

    The project was adventurous, but proved very successful.

    The concept was to create an island of European values in the middle of almost nowhere. As the office is located on the expanses of Russian fields, at the potato plant factory. To understand the contrast, you should imagine, that the building is surrounded by endless fields, and the horizon is infinite.

    Thanks to the client, this particular office was devoted to improve the quality of life of a common worker, and to make people take a fresh breath of home atmosphere at a workplace.

    In design we’ve managed to hold the balance between the brutality and coziness. The classic wood and concrete combination was supplemented by Lamb Weston’s corporate colors and logos.

    We attained a goal to make the office feel like a natural extension of company ideology and create a distinctive and efficient workspace.

    Design Team: Anisiya Shelevaya, Anna Kozlova, Irina Zaytseva
    PhotographyIlya Ivanov