Cutler Offices Renovation – Vancouver

The white backdrop of the new Cutler design studio serves as a blank canvas in which to inspire, drive and foster creativity for the Vancouver-based architecture firm.

  • Client Cutler,
  • size 2,689 sqft
  • Year 2019
  • Location Vancouver, Canada,
  • Industry Architecture Firm, Design,
  • Cutler has completed the lab-inspired offices for their architectural design firm located in Vancouver, Canada.

    The three main design objectives for the new office of Cutler, an Interior Design and Architecture firm were to encourage movement, foster collaboration and drive creativity. The bones of the existing building are loft-like and urban with exposed brick and heavy timber construction, elements that needed to be respected in the new design.

    Inspired by a lab environment for creative thinking and research, the foreground of the space is a blank white canvas with an assembly of tools to drive creativity. The palette was limited to neutral colors and simple finishes, eliminating any unnecessary visual distraction. Painting the existing brick white maintains the texture while modernizing the space into a lighter and brighter environment. A circle of unpainted brick was left exposed in one of the meeting rooms, a quiet nod to the history of the building. Vinyl graphics are subtly dispersed throughout the space. Each one noting the length of a light fixture or integrating a large format tape measure onto a wall corner, allowing the team to use the environment as a point of reference.

    This minimalist interior is complemented by subtle textures in the carpet, drapery, and soft seating and greenery located throughout, bringing nature indoors. These elements provide a relaxed and comfortable feel to an otherwise commercial space so staff and clients can feel at home.

    PhotographyLuke Potter