Las Mobili Showroom and Offices – Moscow

  • Client LAS Mobili Showroom,
  • size 2,368 sqft
  • Year 2019
  • Location Moscow, Russia,
  • Industry Furniture,
  • MORS ARCHITECTS has realized the design for the offices of Italian office furniture company, Las Mobili, located in Moscow, Russia.

    The Italian factory LAS treats cabinetwork as an art. Each item can serve as a quality standard of office furniture.

    The interior we created is inspired by the works of the Italian Renaissance as a symbol of the changeover to a self-centered world and the perception of man in all his entirety. The man and his comfort are paramount in designing furniture in LAS.

    We highlighted several exhibition light volumes in the dark interior, as in the gallery of modern arts. Sculptures of the famous Renaissance artists were selected as a background for each of them, and LAS furniture becomes part of the fine work which is accentuated by the author’s signature. We seem to look at the history of art through the lens of modernity using color lines-accents on the views.

    Speed is one of the main advantages of LAS. Speed of delivery, decision-making and customer interaction. Speed is directly related to time, and we chose the circle prototype — it’s a perfect form, symbolizing the cyclicity of time and the speed of movement. The round element from the tunnel mirror in the central part of the interior conveys the dynamics of the company’s development.

    Design Team: Alexandra Nagornykh, VitalIiy Zemlyanskiy, Dmitriy Makeenko
    Photography: Dmitry Chebanenko