InterviewBit Offices – Pune

  • Client InterviewBit,
  • size 4,305 sqft
  • Year 2020
  • Location Pune, India,
  • Industry Education,
  • Studio AsA has realized the office design for InterviewBit, a software interview preparation website, located in Pune, India.

    You truly understand how much potential any space has only when you let your thoughts flow absolutely freely in that space. The space in discussion, measuring just around 400 square metres with the arc-shaped periphery was just not the usual site for us but with the encouragement for creative freedom from the client’s end, we were beside ourselves to try out something totally out of the box.

    The stunning arc led the way to the first circular shaped sofa leading to more items of furniture that didn’t shy away from flaunting their curves only to be complimented by more arcs which eventually gave birth to an amazingly beautiful canvas of flowing curves in true harmony over the entire floor. This space is proudly owned by “Interview Bit Academy“ today, designed and executed by Studio AsA in Pune, India.

    Design: Studio AsA
    Photography: Ritika Shaiva