Guante & Gacel Footwear Offices – Santiago

  • Client Guante & Gacel Footwear,
  • size 20,487 sqft
  • Year 2020
  • Location Santiago, Chile,
  • Industry Fashion / Beauty,
  • RYV ARQUITECTOS was tasked with the design of the Guante & Gacel offices, a footwear manufacturer, located in Santiago, Chile.

    Being a footwear manufacturing company, with more than 85 years of experience and with a family character, the design rescues the identity of the company (trajectory, tradition and elegance).

    It was required to reflect the company’s vision of collaborative work and functionally, to integrate people in a more horizontal way together with the need to incorporate warmth in the design with materials and colours that resembled the natural world.

    These led us to design a modern work environment, the use of simple materials and open-plan offices with connected spaces where creativity could be developed, enhancing collective spaces to improve social interaction and performance.

    The project is located in a bellow ground level of the building, inserted in a natural environment with direct relation to gardens and green areas. We took advantage of the benefit of biophilia and tried to give staff the opportunity to work in healthy environment spaces, which allow them to be less stressed and generating a connection with the natural surroundings by creating spaces with the interaction of different elements: natural lighting, tones, textures and colours.

    Design Team: Rafael Enrique Videla Berguecio, Rodrigo Alonso Morales Zúñiga, Nicolás Andres Hidalgo Olave
    Photography: Pedro Mutis Johnson