Pasifik Engineering Company Offices – Istanbul

An office complete with cutting-edge materials and layout, the new space for Pasifik showcases the past, present and future of the Istanbul engineering company.

  • Client Pasifik Engineering Company,
  • size 19,378 sqft
  • Year 2020
  • Location Istanbul, Turkey,
  • Industry Construction / Engineering,
  • Habif Architects used the core values of Pasifik Engineering to design their new offices located in Istanbul, Turkey.

    For Pasifik Engineering Office, which has moved to its new location, in line with the company’s working principles, we have resolved the rectangular office plan with an open office area that we positioned in the center and we placed accounting department, meeting rooms, executive room, service areas around it.

    To create an office space that reflects company’s experience in the sector and its innovative approach that keeps up with today; We have made a monochromatic general atmosphere harmony that we want to be highlighted by materials and forms chosen, colorful coatings on vertical surfaces and various art works. We aimed to contribute to the company ‘s profile with a metal installation that points to the selected projects from company ‘s 20-year history also making one wall of the open office area motivating for employees, visitors and business partners.

    Design: Habif Architects
    Design Team: Hakan Habif, Setenay Erkul
    Photography: İbrahim Özbunar