BioWeb Offices – Yokne’am Illit

Welcoming, comfortable, and gracious, the new BioWeb offices in Israel immediately puts staff and visitors at ease, a more inspired and focused backdrop for the work of the medical technology group.

  • Client BioWeb,
  • size 1,000 sqft
  • Year 2020
  • Location Yokneam Illit, Israel,
  • Industry Technology,
  • T+R studio was tasked with the design of the BioWeb offices, a medical technology company located in Yokne’am Illit, Israel.

    T+R Studio’s design focuses on enhancing three key areas of communal group experience – the moment of “welcome”, the time of convening and education, and the lingering, socializing, and sharing period within a comfortable internal “hub-kitchen- gathering spot”.

    The design explores the concept of structured office space blurring activity spaces with working spaces so that one feels liberated within a casual + social work environment. Other design characteristics include elements that are casual, comfortable, tactile, and eclectic. Entering the environment, one feels as if one is in an urban oasis that is global in scope yet feels close to home. The result is a more familiar + familial atmosphere for a worldwide audience.

    Bioweb, a division of global medical recognized worldwide and a leader in the science behind the diagnosis and treatment of cardiac arrhythmias. Their ideas and innovations make a difference in the medical community’s approach to diagnosing and treating arrhythmias.

    BioWeb, Inc. has pioneered innovative technological advancements for more than 30 years. They enable physicians to find and help treat more types of disease and contribute directly to improving procedural methodologies and raising success rates. BioWeb is committed to enhancing safety for both patients and physicians as they work to treat Afib Guided by the needs of electrophysiologists and cardiologists.

    Design: T+R studio
    Design Team: Tali Shenfels, Rakefet Goldfarb
    Photography: Shay Epstein