BVIntersell Offices – Naarden

A stimulating and connective workspace, the Naarden offices of BVIntersell were designed to showcase the beauty of raw materials used by builders.

  • Client Intersell Construction,
  • size 16,145 sqft
  • Year 2020
  • Location Naarden, Netherlands,
  • Industry Construction / Engineering,
  • DAMAST architects used raw materials to create the dynamic offices for construction company, BVIntersell, located in Naarden, the Netherlands.

    Dynamic work lab
    Dutch bases DAMAST architects created the new headquarters of Amsterdam construction company Intersell. DAMAST designed an exclusive interior made of raw materials. To inspire and challenge the builders. A former plastic factory was transformed in a refreshing way into a dynamic work lab for construction professionals.

    Creative thinking through a stimulating environment
    A striking feature of the interior is the use of structural materials that you normally only see on construction sites. Peters: “By using these raw building materials in an unorthodox way, we show their beauty. As a result, we unconsciously stimulate the creative thinking of the construction staff at the office.” Together with the interior landscaping, the whole creates an attractive and healthy working environment that enables people to excel in their work.

    Unexpected encounters create a connection
    The spacious layout of the building made it possible to create a wide variety of opportunities for informal consultation, presentations, lunches, concentration and relaxation, in addition to the various departments with flexible workplaces.

    The beauty of raw construction materials
    The blue steel stairs are spectacular and completely made of steel diamond plate. “The entrance had to be a real eye-catcher. After all, you only make a first impression once, “ explains the architect. “We wanted to show how you can create an almost monumental atmosphere with an industrial material.”

    Design: DAMAST architects
    Design Team: Daniël Peters, Steven van Raan, Julian Hoyos, Vera Verweij, Mattia Azolina
    Contractor: BVIntersell
    Photography: Petra Appelhof