Accenture Offices Phase 2 – Bucharest

Collaboration, innovation, productivity and wellbeing characterize the next phase of design for the Bucharest offices of Accenture, a living ecosystem to redefine the traditional corporate work environment in the Romanian capital.

  • Client Accenture,
  • size 51,666 sqft
  • Year 2021
  • Location Bucharest, Romania,
  • Industry Professional Services,
  • Corporate Office Solutions articulated the connection between human and technology in the offices for global professional services company, Accenture, located in Bucharest, Romania.

    In this way, the design aims to achieve an environment that takes the form of a living ecosystem, which grows and develops around the individual, constantly relating to the human scale and opening new perspectives not only in terms of work, but also in the development a new way of living in a digital age.

    The space configuration combines two major concepts focused on both the customer and employee experience, with an emphasis on the human scale as having an important role in the defining of spaces.

    Therefore, on a functional level, a series of areas are outlined and combined within a circuit that includes flexible ways of working and interaction both at the level of the employees and between employees and the client: reception area, meeting rooms, focus areas , presentation and collaboration areas and socializing areas.

    The functional organization is subordinated to the employee’s choice, employee who can pick out freely between multiple scenarios and postures of working, as well as different ways of collaboration – informal and private.

    Conventional spaces thus acquire different values: the cafeteria becomes, in addition to a dining area, a space for socializing, working and relaxing; the meeting rooms, through the diversified furniture, offer the framework for different meeting scenarios, both formal and informal, creating, at the same time, the perfect environment for relaxation or focused work; the point of discussion area takes the form of a space dedicated to presentations with clients, as well as other activities such as internal presentations or brainstorming.

    The boundaries of the spaces remain transparent, such as planters with natural plants, wood or felt vertical baffles, and others suggested by fluid, flexible elements, such as curtains.

    On the background of the bare ceiling and the neutral floor, the vivid, vibrant colors are outlined, completed by biophilic elements that respond to the human need to be in continuous connection with nature: such as separators with planters and natural plants, pieces of furniture with fluid, organic shapes, inspired by nature or green floor insertions, completed with wooden furniture elements.

    These are completed with urban accents that are found in alternating patterns from the floor, structural elements and furniture. In this way, the concept of pavement and grass in the carpet tiles, uncovered concrete pillars with the original texture, light grey painted concrete ceiling, with exposed ducts, metallic structures from the separating elements, apparent, almost brutal concrete wall finishes , but warmed by the elements of biophilia, is outlined in a coherent, familiar concept.

    The work environment thus created, corresponds to a space that becomes an experience, opens the perspectives of a new way of working and living, which offers a sense of belonging, energy, focus and a well-defined purpose, while interacting with the employee and his needs and subject to his choices.

    Design: Corporate Office Solutions
    Photography: Arthur Tintu