Complete Construction Offices – Volos

  • Client Complete Construction,
  • size 969 sqft
  • Year 2020
  • Location Volos, Greece,
  • Industry Construction / Engineering,
  • Lab4 architects thoughtfully designed the Complete Construction offices with attention to layout and flow at their location in Volos, Greece.

    The project deals with the design of a construction company’s new offices based in Volos. In an area of 90 square meters- rectangular floor plan-, subsections are laid out, including a reception area, a meeting room, employees’ room as well as two director offices.

    The main synthetic element is the layout of spaces around a central corridor. This corridor that runs through the floor plan connects two large sections. The first one has to do with the customer service spaces and the second one with the employees’ room.

    The two sections, which are separated by a centrally placed masonry, interact both functionally and morphologically, in a complementary way.

    The basic design parameter of the first section is the visual integration of the individual spaces through the use of glass partitions, with the aim of expanding the space, the unimpeded flow of natural light, and the unobstructed escape to the view of the port of Volos.

    Centrally placed in the corridor, the reception area gathers the service and information functions. It is directly related to the meeting room as well as the directors’ offices. All together make up the customer service section. A metal construction – installation in the meeting room marks in its convex form the meeting point of customers and partners.

    In this room, meetings, presentations, and screenings of audiovisual material take place.
    The glass surfaces are permeated by parallel sandblasting elements, which to a certain extent ensure the privacy of the meetings. They also allow visual communication with the adjacent director offices. In this way, a dialogue is developed amongst the spaces on the basis of teamwork and productivity with the central corridor being in the core.

    In a parallel direction, the second section dealing with the employees’ offices is laid out.
    Without coming into direct contact with customers, it is separated lengthwise by masonry, ensuring the necessary privacy. In this rectangular in-plan space, the worktables are placed in a parallel way and without further divisions.

    Linear lightings with dynamic flows outline the movements in the space of the first section.

    The white tones form the calm background on which the corporate identity color palette stands out in a balanced way. This ensemble interacts complementarily with the grayscale shades of the second section as well as its industrial style. The final result is complemented by soft tones of natural and artificial wood that give a special feeling of coziness.

    Design: Lab4 architects
    Photography: Kostas Kroustallis