YNS Life Technologies Offices – Istanbul

  • Client YNS Life Technologies,
  • size 1,668 sqft
  • Year 2021
  • Location Istanbul, Turkey,
  • Industry Healthcare,
  • Usdesign drew inspiration from nature and the industry it serves to complete the YNS Life Technologies offices in Istanbul, Turkey.

    The efficiency of working has been increased by being in a warm and friendly office atmosphere. As Usdesign our main goal is to make working more enjoyable through our energetic and friendly designs. We have designed YNS Life Technologies office in Karat Office in Bakırköy as a place where both the visitors and the staff can have a good time.

    YNS has been an important company as it supplies test kits and technological equipments to hospitals. The identification of the office has been made through the motto of being healthy and feeling healthy. We have made soft and organic forms which reflects, recalls the nature.

    YNS has been designed as an office which has an area of 125 m2. During the creation of YNS, we aimed to design such an office which was beyond the common architectural plannings and the standards. Through the circulation of the place we enlarged the feeling of the atmosphere by using the angles of 55 degrees and the organic forms. The constant furniture which was located according to the architectural circulation took its place as the signals for this geometrical language. The permeable materials and the design language used in furniture in the office had an important part while increasing the perception of space width.

    The colors of the office were chosen as the tones of green due to the inspiration of nature and health sector which the company served for. The tones white color was planned to emphasize the cleaning and health. The different tone of salmon color was used to add some energy and exhilaration to the atmosphere. The design of the furniture was combined with solid oak to make everyone feel the naturalness. The liveliness of the office could also be seen from specially designed furniture to the soft and fluid transitions; the amorphous and the natural forms symbolized life and health, the tropical plants inside the place emerged the feeling of energy.

    As Usdesign art has been a very important value for us. Therefore through our projects we have been working with Uslu Sanat art gallery which is within us. During the designing of YNS office we have planned the artworks since the beginning. The masterpieces of some valuable artists such as Ekrem Yalçındağ, Ergin İnan, Devrim Erbil and Tanju Demirci have taken their place in the office. The office has been adorned both with the artworks and the suitable decorations. By creating some decorative spaces we aimed YNS to become such a place that is preferable and is open to be explored by both the visitors and the staff.

    Design: Usdesign
    Photography: İbrahim Özbunar